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EAG is being described as a trailblazing investment firm at the forefront of innovation and success.

Our exceptional leadership team combines unmatched expertise with a proven track record, igniting excitement and driving unparalleled growth.

With a keen focus on the ever-evolving landscape of venture capital (VC) and private equity (PE), we passionately pursue ground-breaking opportunities that yield extraordinary returns.

We are backed by extensive knowledge of the IT and Cybersecurity sectors, combined with a deep knowledge of the path to a successful IPO and strategic partnerships with first-class specialist legal and accounting firms.

We empower our investors to confidently navigate the dynamic markets and capitalize on emerging trends in these rapidly growing sectors.

Join us on this exhilarating journey, where potential meets prosperity, and together, we scale new heights of financial achievement.

Everest Assets Group: Unleashing potential, realizing dreams

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Risk Management 2024

Financial Assessment and Forecasts

EBITDA Multipliers used by EAG

Prospectus (September 2023)

Investment Readiness Assessment (Sept 2023)

UK and EU Market Assessment

Ethics Policy

Market and Investment Report (Aug 2023)

Anti-money Laundering Policy

UK Data Protection Regulations Policy

UK Competition Law and Implications for EAG

A Wealth of Opportunity in the UK Cybersecurity Market

IT Services & Cybersecurity Sectors in the UK and EU A Comprehensive Analysis

Founders Letter to Our Potential Shareholders

Emerging Trends Shaping the Future of Finance Insights from the EAG Think-Tank


EAG Everest Assets Group

29 Profitable Targets with combined £400+ million Net Asset Value

 EAG GBP £300 million net asset value

Create mid-market group of IT/Cyber firms by acquisition

EAG Everest Assets Group

Exit for all investors via
IPO ON LSE-AIM 2027-28

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EAG Everest Assets Group

50+ prior integrations behind EAG's M&A methodology

EAG Everest Assets Group

Proven leadership, over subscribed IPO experience, Sector knowledge

AI Driven Performance with Bespoke Financial Algorithms




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