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What is Everest Assets Group?

Everest Assets Group (EAG) is an investment company that consolidates IT and Cybersecurity firms into a single group structure. The company is planning for a London IPO in 202-28.

What is the vision and mission of Everest Assets Group?

The vision of EAG is to create a mid-market group of IT/Cyber firms through acquisition. The mission is to provide an exit for all investors via an IPO on LSE-AIM in 2026-7.


What is the methodology of Everest Assets Group?

EAG follows a post-deal integration methodology, backed by the experience of over 50 prior integrations. The company also uses AI-driven performance with bespoke financial algorithms.


What sectors does Everest Assets Group focus on?

EAG focuses on the IT and Cybersecurity sectors. The company has extensive knowledge of these sectors and the path to a successful IPO.


Who leads Everest Assets Group?

EAG is led by an exceptional leadership team with unmatched expertise and a proven track record. The team has experience with oversubscribed IPOs and deep sector knowledge.


What are the target acquisitions of Everest Assets Group?

EAG has 29 profitable targets with a combined net asset value of over £400 million.


How can I contact Everest Assets Group?

You can contact EAG via email at or by phone at +44 203 289 6770.

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