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EAG's Strategic Acquisitions: Driving Innovation and Productivity in the UK's IT Sector

In the rapidly evolving landscape of IT and cybersecurity, strategic mergers and acquisitions

(M&A) have emerged as a powerful tool for driving innovation and growth. Everest Asset Group (EAG), a highly innovative player in this space, is leveraging M&A to acquire IT service companies, thereby obtaining people, systems, and processes, that significantly enhance performance and productivity.

The Power of M&A

M&A allows EAG to tap into the innovative potential of small and medium-sized IT service companies. These companies often develop unique systems and processes that can significantly enhance IT performance and producti

vity. However, they may lack the resources to scale these innovations and bring them to a larger market. By acquiring these companies, EAG can harness their innovative potential and leverage its financial power to scale up these systems and processes.

Driving Performance and Productivity

The systems and processes acquired through M&A can significantly enhance IT performance and productivity. They can streamline operations, automate routine tasks, enhance data management, and improve decision-making. By integrating these systems and processes into its operations, EAG can deliver superior IT services that drive business performance and productivity.

Capitalizing on Intangible Assets

The systems and processes acquired through M&A are valuable intangible assets. Under International Accounting Standards (IAS) 38 and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), these assets can be recognized and measured, enhancing EAG's financial position and creating additional value for its stakeholders.

A Track Record of Success

My expertise in this area is rooted in my instrumental role in creating the UK's 'Business Improvement Programme' in 1989-2000 and later one of the creators, whilst seconded to the Hambledon Group Ltd, of the (now global) Investors in People (IiP) programme. These experiences have given me a deep understanding of how to drive business performance and productivity through strategic initiatives.

The Road Ahead

As EAG continues to acquire IT service companies and integrate their innovative systems and processes, it is well-positioned to drive IT performance and productivity in the UK. This strategy, combined with EAG's financial power and my expertise, makes EAG a formidable player in the IT and cybersecurity sectors.

Aligning with the UK's Industrial Strategy

EAG's strategy aligns well with the UK's 'Levelling Up White Paper' which emphasizes R&D, skills development, and digital connectivity. By acquiring IT service companies, EAG is not only driving innovation but also contributing to the development of skills and the enhancement of digital connectivity in the UK. The government's commitment to increasing publicly funded R&D spending outside of the South East, and the creation of innovation accelerators in cities like Glasgow, Manchester, and the West Midlands, provide a conducive environment for EAG's growth.


EAG's strategic acquisitions in the IT sector, combined with the supportive industrial strategy of the UK government, present a promising pathway for enhancing IT performance and productivity in the UK. This approach not only benefits EAG and its stakeholders, but also contributes to the broader goal of 'levelling up' the UK's economy.

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